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Our Citrix Story

Remote access to various types of applications in an organised and secure fashion has becoming the new normal now.
Employees are urging for a secure and consistent remote work experience working from home (remote).

WFAny - Applications

WFAny -

SaaS, Web or Server-Client

WFAny - Data Residency

WFAny -
Data Residency

Cloud, Local, Data Centre

WFAny - Applications

WFAny -
End Point

Mac, Win10, Android, iOS, Chrome

When we talk about Citrix Digital Workspace Technology, we like to focus on the core product investment principles. They continue to be Experience – delivering the best possible user experience on any device – User experience is a core principle of not only for the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, but all of Citrix Workspace solutions. 

    Delivering the best possible user experience on any device. User experience is the core principle of not only the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, but all of Citrix Workspace solutions.
    Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops are inherently secure by design. Citrix continues to invest product security features and capabilities that strengthen the overall security of the solution.
    People should have choice over their infrastructure and cloud providers. They should also have choices in management and monitoring tools that align to their administrative needs.

Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktop (CVAD)

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD) is the flagship product that has enabled remote work by delivering Web & SaaS Apps, Windows Server Apps & Desktops, Virtual Desktops (Window 10), Linux Apps & Desktops, and Remote PC from any Cloud – Public, On-Premises or Hybrid. 

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
(CVAD - On-Premises)

Virtualize apps and complete desktops with on-premise infrastructure

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service
(CVAD - SaaS)

Virtualization solution for applications and desktops on any device, over any network
Citrix Solutions Offering – Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD)​

Citrix Managed Desktop (DaaS)

Citrix Managed Desktops is a robust DaaS offering that not only simplifies the deployment of apps and desktops to your workforce, but also provides valuable features not found in other DaaS solutions. 

Citrix Managed Desktops is designed with simplicity in mind. 

  • Turn Key
    Easy to get started with all the tools at your fingertips to provision desktops in minutes, not days or weeks (SPEED to deployment)
  • Single Bill
    Customers are able to receive one bill for all their services monthly from Citrix
  • Managed Azure Capacity
    Citrix will manage Azure capacity on behalf of the customer, minimizes the IT management of cloud services

Easy Deployment

Citrix Managed Desktops is easy to deploy for anyone with any level of IT experience. It gives admins straightforward controls to manage both apps (Windows and SaaS) and desktops (Windows 10, Windows 7) from a single unified solution.

Easy to Use

The turnkey, web-based console provides simple to use functionality that enables the admin to choose machine type, deployment region, and the number of machines so they can create their first catalog in minutes.

Citrix Managed Desktops offers both domain-joined and non-domain-joined apps and desktops, making it easy to assign them to any user. For users who aren’t part of your domain — like a contractor or seasonal worker — the admin can rapidly provision a desktop to an external user and invite them on the fly, ensuring they access sensitive resources from a secured desktop. Prefer to integrate Citrix Managed Desktops with your on-prem Active Directory implementation? Citrix has an easy AD integration tool. In only a few clicks you can integrate Azure-hosted virtual desktops with your on-prem Active Directory. 

Workspace As A Service (WaaS)

Workspace As A Services (WaaS) is a managed service provided by Net One Asia for clients who demand a flexible & smarter Workspace to open up new levels of efficiency, speed, and productivity for your workers.

Digital –WaaS provides simplified Unified Access Management, Remote Access Productivity, End point Security & Compliance, etc. All as a Service 

Net One Asia’s (formerly Asiasoft Solutions) started our journey as a Citrix partner since in the late 1990s in Singapore. We began with Metaframe, one of the early flagship products developed by Citrix. And has since evolved to Presentation Server, XenApp and now Citrix Virtual App.

We have growth in size, scope, and depth of solution offerings with Citrix as it progresses from delivering centrally hosted windows applications to remote users; Virtual App to Virtual Desktop (formerly known as XenDesktop). In addition, the subsequent acquisition of ShareFile (Now Content Collaboration), Zenprise (XenMobile now End Point Management) and NetScaler (Now Citrix ADC) has made Citrix a leading digital workspace technology vendor in a digitalised and mobile workstyle environment.

In our partnership with Citrix for more than 10 years has developed us into an end to end digital workspace solutions System Integrator. We have attained both the highest and most Citrix certification as a partner and is the first Citrix Platinum Partner and Specialist for Virtualisation, Mobility and Networking in ASEAN.

And our journey continues in our growth of expertise in Hybrid Cloud deployment as Citrix moves into Cloud services offerings.

Our brand name is synonymous with End User Computing – Digital Workspace Solutions for all businesses no matter of your size, application type and locality.  We bring your application & data closer and safer to your users!