Things to Consider When Building "The New" Workplace Using Virtual Desktops

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Watch for Hidden Cost

The most common underestimated costs are WAN and backend storage. When introducing VDI, additional load will be placed on the network. VDI can heavily tax a WAN link, depending on number of users and type of applications that users are running.

Sizing and capacity planning are critical factors when creating a VDI environment. Engage with us to help you with with sizing your VDI environment. 

Software Licensing Terms

Microsoft licensing is one key area that must be evaluated for VDI deployment, they have issued special licensing guidelines, the cost of the VDA license is included under your agreement. 

Microsoft licensing is complex even without virtualization, engage solutions providers and have them assist you. Licensing may well be the most troublesome aspect of your VDI project but it is not rocket science with someone who have done it before guide you along.

Is Data Security A Key Concern?

Travelex paid hackers $6million ransom for its stolen 5Gbs customer personal data.

The immediate answer is “YES”, it is important to add another layer of protection for your data to ensure it will never leaves the data center, even with user scattered around the globe, that makes VDI worth it all by itself. 

VDI not only can improve the security of data, corporate applications also can be siloed by leveraging multiple operating system instances or application virtualization. VDI in the data center manged by IT can be more reliably updated with antivirus signature files, patches and updates.

Subsription Based Model

Subscription-based models of Hyper-Converged infrastructure (HCI). Subscription-based model allows rapid deployment and configuration of the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) layer. 

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