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1 million new forms of malware are released everyday. Take our Instant Security Assessment today to gain an insight on your exposure to ransomware, phishing, zero-day malware, C&C communication, data leakage and other threats. 

Instant Security Assessment

Based on this assessment, you will be furnished with a detailed report that shows if your environments are vulnerable to ransomware, zero day threats, malware infections, browser exploit, data leakage and more.

What Threats are Checked?

  • Ransomware is a malware that encrypts users' files and require ransom for their decryption.
  • Command & Control Communication let attackers take complete control over an infected computer.
  • Identity Theft attack captures personal information by fake websites that appears to be legitimate.
  • Zero day attacks use the surprise element to exploit holes in the software that are unknown to the vendor.
  • Malware Infection lets attackers take complete control over an infected computer.
  • Browser Exploit is an attack that takes advantage of a particular vulnerability in a computing system.
  • Anonymous surfing can open backdoors into an organization's network.
  • Data leakage unintentional or theft release of sensitive information outside the organization's network.
  • Cloud Segmentation scans for open ports of accessible machines within the same environment to indicate for access.
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