VMware Horizon on-Premises

VMware Horizon is the product which delivers both Virtual Desktop and Application. In consideration of the use case to enable remote working. Horizon offers flexible delivery mechanism to streamline the type of desktops and applications that best meet your organisational needs to allow access to critical business applications.    

Whether is single-user desktops, session-based desktops, RDSH published applications and remote access to physical PCs. Horizon is the leading desktop and application virtualisation platform to enable various key mode of use for your remote working.

High-Level Architecture Diagram of Horizon on-Premises

Remote Access to Physical PCs

Horizon also offers the option to broker access to physical machines. This provides an excellent and familiar experience for employees. Brokering to physical machines can be implemented either with an existing Horizon 7 environment or with a new one. With minimal components required, this solution can be implemented quickly.

Connections are encrypted and Horizon 7 supports multiple authentication options including SAML, RADIUS, RSA SecurID, and certificates, including smart cards. Authentication can be carried out in the DMZ at the Unified Access Gateway, before passing authenticated traffic through to the internal resource.

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High-Level Architecture Diagram of Horizon on-Premises

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