VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure

VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure delivers virtual desktops and applications using Azure cloud platform. The overall environment consists of the Horizon Service Control Plane that is owned and maintained by VMware in a VMware tenant, your designated capacity, and the VMware software deployed into that capacity. The desktop virtual infrastructure (pod manager, gateways, etc.) is owned and maintained by VMware, but in the customer’s Azure Tenant.

High-Level Architecture Diagram of Horizon on Azure

Rapid Deployment – Service Model


Horizon Cloud on Azure combines the management functionality of the Horizon Cloud Service control plane with the cost-saving capacities of Microsoft Azure. You can take advantage of the Horizon Cloud Service to manage your desktops and remote applications. This includes managing VDI and RDS-hosted applications on Microsoft Azure infrastructure, as well as the flexibility to choose the deployment option that best meets the needs of your organization or use cases.


Because Horizon Cloud is a native cloud service, there are clear lines drawn for management responsibilities. The customer provides the Azure tenant, AD, OS licenses, and image/apps. VMware manages the desktop virtualization infrastructure, while providing support, and Microsoft provides the underlying infrastructure.

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High-Level Architecture Diagram of Horizon on-Premises

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