vSphere Optimisation Assessment

vSphere Optimisation Assessment (VOA), powered by vRealize Operations, provides 360-degree visibility into capacity, performance and configuration across multi-cloud environments through predictive analytics and unified single console. For customers looking to manage everything from their infrastructure stack to applications and save on their cloud resources, VOA provides four powerful reports covering configuration, performance, capacity, and costs and events.

The Actual Benefits of Operations Optimisation

Lower Price

  • Reclaim wastage. Orphaned VMs, powered off VM, Idle VM, Oversized VM, snapshot
  • Reduce DC footprint. Saves Software (MS, RedHat, VMW, etc.) and Hardware (server, storage, network) + Data Center (rack, space, cooling, UPS)

Better Performance

  • Performance Profiling, to enable proactive monitoring via actual baseline.
  • Establish Performance SLA, to complement Availability SLA
  • NOC Dashboards. Insight, then Alerts

Higher Compliance

  • Internal compliant (e.g. vSphere hardening)
  • Industry regulation (e.g. PCI DSS, HIPAA)
  • Track admin activities (who does what when) via log analysis

Lower Complexity

  • Standardize architecture
  • Standard Operating Procedure
  • Reduce human error by automation
  • Replace ageing hardware, and upgrade outdated software.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

  • Repeat business
  • Ability to justify or defend pricing.
  • IT department internal reputation among Apps T

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Minimum requirement: Only VMware customer with vSphere 5.5 and vCenter 5.5 or above. Total ESXi host of 2x Host and above. Overall of 20x Virtual Machines and above. Single vCenter with up to 2x vSphere Cluster only (negotiable).