WFAny - Data Residency

WFAny – Secure for Work

Work from Any, Secure Remote Access at the Edge

Citrix NetScaler ADC Gateway

Citrix NetScaler ADC Gateway at your corporate network edge unifies remote access infrastructure to provide single sign-on across all applications whether in a data centre, in a cloud, or if the apps are delivered as SaaS apps, heterogeneous Virtual apps and Desktops, and so forth. It allows people to access any app, from any device, through a single URL. Citrix Gateway also provides advance security features.

Secure For Work

Citrix NetScaler ADC Gateway provides advance security features that enhance the security posture of providing remote access at the Edge.


Authenticate & Authorization

NetScaler Gateway employs a flexible authentication design that permits extensive customization of user authentication for NetScaler Gateway. And is designed to accommodate simple authentication procedures, as well as more complex, cascaded authentication procedures that rely upon multiple authentication types.


Supports following authentication types:

  • Local
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
  • SAML
  • Client certificate authentication (including smart card authentication)
End Point Analysis (EPA)

Ensuring unmanaged end point devices complies with your security policies. EPA scans user devices for endpoint security requirement configured on a NetScaler Gateway appliance. The device is scanned for security information, such as operating system, antivirus, web browser versions and so forth before an administrator can grant access to the NetScaler Gateway appliance.

Reverse Proxy

Citrix NetScaler (ADC) Gateway enables simplified secure access to any application through a single URL for desktop and mobile users. Behind this single URL, administrators have a single point for configuration, security, and control of remote access to applications.


Citrix NetScaler (ADC) Unified Gateway deployment allows single URL access to the following categories of applications:


  • Intranet applications.
  • Clientless applications
  • Software as a Service applications
  • Preconfigured applications served by NetScaler
  • Citrix Virtual App or Desktop published applications