The objective of this assessment is to ascertain the maturity level of your organization with regards to your strategic business objectives around Digital, Workforce or Workspace Transformation in your organization. In order to realize work style innovations, various efforts must be made towards the same goal while different departments work together. Nevertheless, there are a number of challenges to be addressed, such as how to achieve telework introduction and utilization penetration, how to proceed. With this test, you can easily diagnose the maturity level of your company. We hope that you will find the issues by conducting this assessment and utilize it to plan your journey around your organization’s transformation goals.

1. Get an evaluation highlighting your maturity journey around Work Style Innovation

2. Assess your WSI maturity across 4 Key Areas: Vision, Devices & Management, Applications Usage and Access, Identity and Security.

3. Gain access to personalized insights and resources to advance your Work Style Innovation Journey.